Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Michael Lee of Stickbow Archery

Hi folks,

I would like to introduce myself, I'm Michael Lee, bowyer, horseman and the author of this blog. My friend Albert A Rasch of the Rasch Outdoor Chronicles, suggested I start this blog to help introduce myself to everyone and showcase my bows.

Here is a review of one of the bows that I now make, having bought the molds from the curmudgeon that used to make them:

Traditional Longbow Review

In the next week or two, I am going to showcase a few of my own personal creations, plus some customer comments I have collected thus far!

The Rebellion, Our Flagship Bow!

Thanks again for joining me!

Keep your fletching dry!
Michael Lee
Michael Lee's Stickbow Archery Blog


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Michael Lee i've seen your bows before on albert blog nice work!

I just took a look at your spec for the 52" Take Down Hunting bow - looks fantastic tell us more!


Albert A Rasch said...

Loving the Blog! Now let's see some content!

Albert “Afghanus” Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles™
Extreme Wild Boar Hunting in Florida!

Michael Spinelli said...

I saw your interview at Albert's blog, very nice bows, and I am looking forward to seeing your bows reviewed; I think you will do very well!

Mike S
Outdoor Travels and Adventures!

Michael Lee said...

Thanks for the comments guys!


Nebraska Hunting Company said...


Followed over from Albert's blog, nice bows! Keep the faith brother, I know what it's like to have your balls busted by loons on the internet. Just remember it's the product you put out that will speak for itself.

All the best!
Scott Croner, Merriam's Turkey Hunting

Avenger said...

Really nice bows kid, keep it up!